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Since 1897, the Municipal Year Book remains the UK's market-leading source for local government intelligence.

Your annual subscription to the Municipal Year Book will give you unprecedented access to data on all 417 of the UK's local authorities including over 40,000 principal officers and more than 6,000 councillors.

Our editorial team is in daily contact with all parts of the sector to ensure that Municipal Year Book data is the most accurate available.

What is local government? MYB has the answer.

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MYB – your path to UK local government

Fully Customisable

The My MYB dashboard is your personalised homepage and contacts book for the UK local government sector. Manage your address book and save notes on key council personnel creating a useful sales tool.

Group councils via council statistics search

Need to target councils by specific demographics e.g. parking, finance, housing stock? MYB can help, allowing you to group councils according to key indicators and download the results.

One council in focus

Each UK local authority has a dedicated page on MYB offering an easy route to all contacts in the authority. Add officers and councillors to your address book as you browse.